How many things have you said or done that you would have done differently or not at all if you knew the true or full story?

How many things have you not said or done that you would have if you had known more?

Probably a lot.

You’ve probably built up a little (or not so little) pile of resentment and bitterness:

If I had only known…

Look how I wasted my time…

I would have never done it if…

You’re lucky I didn’t know that before I…

Why would you ask me to do that when you knew…

If I had known that’s what you were doing I wouldn’t have…

You get the point.

The real point though is that none of this matters unless you’re willing to change something.

I hear you. No, you can never know everything.

No, you can’t control how much a person chooses to tell you.

No, you can’t stop people from lying to you.

No, you can’t always know when someone is trying to use you.

No, you can’t make people value your time, or even you as a person.

All this is true, but there are other truths as well.

You get to make your own decisions.

You get to respond to situations in the way you choose.

You get to learn from every experience you have.

So, the next time you’re asked to do something remember you have the right and the freedom to stop and think about it before you respond.

Remember there is always more than one answer – no is as good an answer as any other.

Make sure that you’re so comfortable with your decision that even if you do find out later it was one of those situations, you won’t regret the experience.

Never forget that your time and your efforts are just as important as that of the person making the request.

Don’t feel bad about considering yourself in your decisions. You are just as valuable as they are. Rest assured, they are considering themselves while they are asking you.

How will you decide differently?

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