So, over the past perhaps-a-year I’ve begun incorporating essential oils and aromatherapy into my daily life. I’ve really been enjoying the journey so far and recently I began to notice a parallel between the therapeutic support of the essential oils and the emotional support to be found in healthy relationships. I thought I’d share my thoughts with you.

Essential oils KayzInterests

Essential oils are known for their therapeutic benefits and in some cases great smells (not everything that’s good for you tastes or smells great, trust me!). Some of the ways in which they support are by

  • lending their therapeutic properties (antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, pain relief, hormone balance, mood uplifting, etc.) when used
  • helping to strengthen and support our body’s systems (e.g. the immune system)
  • helping to create an environment (microbe-free, relaxing, uplifting, etc.) in which you can heal and then thrive,

and finally,

  • the contaminated stuff doesn’t offer these benefits.

What does this have to do with our relationships?

Relationship closeness trust KayzInterests

  • Just as essential oils lend their therapeutic properties to our bodies, so our relationships are supposed to be restorative. When people spend time together or connect with each other they should walk away feeling refreshed or understood or unburdened or loved or special… something positive! Our personality strengths, talents, and skills should naturally come into play in our relationships. Too often, it seems as if we put our best foot (read: overdone and therefore exhausting) forward on the job or at school or for that club/group, then we hand the leftovers to our personal relationships, or worse, we burden our relationships or suck them dry.Nature’s beauty inside KayzInterests
  • Essential oils help to strengthen and support our systems. Our relationships should help to strengthen and support what we already have. What? Yes. We should feel encouraged and motivated by our relationships. The way we see ourselves is often affected by the way people see us, and the people closest to us in life ought to be people who see the best in us and have no problem expressing that. The effect of our relationships should help us face the harshness of the world, and we should know that at the end of that very trying situation or day we have somewhere to turn.Friendship KayzInterests
  • Aromatherapy helps to create a health-supporting environment. Our relationships should do the same. We should feel safe, comfortable, understood, loved, and motivated in our relationships. We should be able to be honest and receive honesty because we know where it’s coming from – a desire to protect the other person and help them be their best. This is an environment we can thrive in.Lavender field KayzInterests
  • The oils that have been manipulated to enhance their smell or make them go farther for a higher profit margin, etc. don’t have the same or any therapeutic benefits. There are lots of companies to choose from and it’s difficult to know which to trust, which will produce the results they say they will, which will be beneficial to us. So it is with people. There’s no limit to the number of people available to be in relationship in. That doesn’t mean all those relationships will be healthy and beneficial. Many things go into making relationships work. Amongst those things is support. No relationship can thrive and be healthy without genuine, quality, two-sided support.

In addition, as a fun observation, essential oils don’t stand around waiting for the favor to be returned. I think you get the point.

If you have someone in your life who supports you, be very grateful for them. Show that gratitude in your relationship, and learn to be genuinely supportive as well. Choose your relationships well. They have a lot to do with the quality of your life.

Do you feel supported in your relationships? Let’s talk in the comments.

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