Have you ever wanted something so badly that when you realized you didn’t want it anymore you felt at a loss? You probably had to ask yourself, “What now?” Suddenly, you needed some new sense of purpose, some new goal to give you a sense of direction… not the greatest place to be in, or so it feels at the time.

What now?

But there’s another way to look at it… as an awesome opportunity. It may have taken a long time to finally admit to yourself that you had changed or to figure out that the thing you’d been talking about forever wasn’t really your dream. It probably took even longer than that to let it go and step into the unknown. The unknown, though, is where inspiration and invention and creativity and excitement and passion and determination live. If we never step into the unknown we never accomplish anything that feels special to us, that helps keep us going, that makes us feel fully alive.

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Enjoying life

The other side of it, of course, is that if you never let it go you unintentionally trap yourself. Now you’re spending quality time convincing yourself that “I really DO want this. This feeling is just a phase.” You’re spending time trying to find motivation and inspiration, but they’re no longer there. Eventually your rut will run to greet you. By its very definition, being in a ‘rut’ means a dull and unproductive life for you. No one wants that.

So, now that you’re able to admit it to yourself, or now that you can see your rut, what will you do?

Will you start doing things that used to fully engage you and bring you pleasure, but that you dropped along the way to make way for ‘real life’?

Will you release that thing you’ve been convincing yourself you can’t do because it’s too much or too hard, or is so different from what you’re doing now or what people expect of you?

Will you open your mind to new possibilities?

A fresh perspective

Will you begin trying things you’ve had on your bucket list or just hanging out in the back of your mind for years?

Step back today and give this one life you have the attention it deserves. Decide to live it well, fully, and to take deep pleasure in it. Yes, it’s that precious.

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