“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

A cliché, no doubt, but a valuable one. (No one is sure who said these words, though they have been attributed by some to Mahatma Gandhi.)

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People say it all the time (hence its cliché status). It’s used to motivate, inspire, encourage, and sometimes to impress. But what can we take from it practically?

You want peace in the world-at-large. Are you a peaceful and peace-loving person where you are?

You’re tired of hearing about starving children. How much food did you waste last week?

You think children aren’t being taught the skills they need to survive in this modern world. Who have you shared that with?

You think churches aren’t doing anything to help society’s problems. Which church do you belong to, and what are you involved in there?

The sight of litter disgusts you. Have you ever helped to clean up an area?

You think our environment is in shambles. Do you recycle?


You think obesity and the general lack of health you see daily are depressing. Weren’t you selling junk food at that fundraiser just the other day?

Don’t encourage others to do something you would never do because you know it’s not healthy. The reverse is also true. If you really believe in something, advocate for it where you are. Every contribution matters, no matter how seemingly small.

“Be the change you want to see” may be cliché, but it’s also a call to live according to your truest feelings. Our feelings exist for a reason. They can prompt us to effect real and lasting change. They can motivate us to be disciplined about eliminating bad habits. They can move us to help and encourage others. Don’t ignore them. Don’t dismiss them out of hand. Examine them and learn more about yourself and your beliefs through them.

If you want change you have to do something. Wanting it isn’t and has never been enough. Whether it’s on your own initially or joining some existing group, there is something you can do. You just need to spend some time figuring out what that is.

Think about it. If everyone assumed someone else was doing it, nothing would ever get done. So is something is bugging you, start doing something about it. Who exactly are you waiting for? After you’re done considering that, consider this. Someone could be waiting for you.

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