“Distance yourself for a bit. You’ll realize a lot.”

I came across this quote this week and it rang so true that I had to share it.

So often, people use the word distance to describe physical space, and it does, but distance also describes mental and emotional space.

Distance yourself for a bit physically. Distance yourself for a bit mentally. Distance yourself for a bit emotionally.

What could that mean for your life?

What situation are you physically in that literally stepping away and experiencing something new could change positively? How often have you heard someone say they need “a change of environment”? Sometimes temporarily relocating allows you to breathe, rest, relax, and gain clarity.

What have you been thinking about constantly that some time spent doing something else that engages your mind fully could benefit from? Mental fatigue can make it hard to focus. So even though you’re spending large amounts of time ‘thinking’ about this thing, it’s not quality time and will lead to no result or a poor one. Step away mentally, rest or do something entirely different, then try again.

What relationship has been stressing you or draining you emotionally that you need a break from? What negative feelings are you constantly aware of in your life that you can pinpoint the source of? Maybe it’s time to distance yourself emotionally. Take some time to be free from it and invest in yourself instead and figure out what you want.

Regardless of what kind of distance you need, if you actually take the necessary steps to create that distance and then utilize it well you will learn a lot.

You will realize/figure out:

  • the source of the problem
  • how you contribute to the problem
  • why you allow it
  • if it’s worth it
  • possible solutions to the problems
  • if what you thought you wanted is actually what you want
  • what you want
  • that maybe you just needed to get organized
  • that you were simply exhausted and/or overextended
  • that given the chance, there are some things/people you’d much rather do without
  • what’s/who’s truly important to you
  • that some relationship is unbalanced, and maybe they’re just not as invested as you are
  • that you’re overwhelmed and need to let some things go
  • the role you have been relegated to in a situation and whether or not you will accept it
  • that the changes you’ve been meaning to make need to be made now

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What you get out of it will be unique to you and your situations.

What area(s) of your life could benefit from a little distance? It’s never too late to make your life better.

What are your thoughts on distance? Let’s talk in the comments.

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