Are you alive?

It sounds like a ridiculous question, but it really isn’t.  

Do you feel excited about life and being a part of the world?

Are there things in your daily life that you delight in?

Do you long for new experiences?

Are you enjoying your family, or just responsible for them?

When was the last time you did something that left you feeling deeply satisfied, and that feeling lasted?

How hard are you thinking right now? Right. You shouldn’t have to think so hard to answer those questions.


Photo by Karen Lau on Unsplash


So many of us are doing life, but not enjoying life. We do what we think needs to be done, then we get exhausted and have no room for anything else. That’s not truly being alive.

Most of us have all that we need to live a fulfilling life. In fact, we are using those very same talents and skills to lead our current versions of life. The problem is that too often we are doing things that hold little interest for us. Or maybe they used to be interesting, but the manner in which we have to do them has drained the pleasure from the activity.

The majority of us though are held stuck in place by the big F. Fear.


Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash


We are afraid of how life will change if we ask for a raise, state our true opinions, change jobs, don’t enroll our kids in every single activity, say “enough is enough”, move out, ask for what we want, do what we want for a change. So we tell ourselves that this is life and we are accepting it. But that’s not true. We’re not accepting it, we’re slowly killing ourselves.

Every time you pretend that you don’t have a mind of your own you throw a little of your power away, tell yourself subconsciously that your thoughts aren’t good enough. Every time you allow yourself to accept disrespect with a smile and say “it’s okay”, you train yourself to see disrespect as normal, and teach others that it’s perfectly fine to disrespect you.

No wonder you’re not alive. You have so little of you left inside there.

So let me ask again. Are you alive?

If your answer is “yes”, congratulations. Life is meant to be lived fully. If you honestly answered “no”, then congratulations, you have not lost your self-awareness. It’s time to use it to see where you’ve been giving yourself away. Is it at work? At home? With your family members? With your friends?


Figure out how you’ve been giving yourself away. By saying “yes” to everything? Only saying what you know people wanted to hear? Giving in to manipulation or a dominating personality? Doing what the group is doing even though it felt wrong to you? Being too afraid to ever try something new, or do something differently? Giving up something you love because someone else didn’t care for it? Think about it and you’ll begin to see it clearly.

Decide now. Do you want to be you again, and then eventually even better than you were? You have to decide. It won’t just happen. Your behavior will have to change. You’ll have to work hard at breaking bad habits. You’ll have to deal with other people’s reactions. You’ll have to feel uncomfortable. But you’ll be able to feel again. You’ll be able to enjoy life and the people you love, and not just see it all as responsibility and obligation.

It seems like a fair exchange to me.

Does it to you?

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