Do you know that game? The one where you try to prove you know someone by guessing 10 items they are most likely to have in their handbag? It’s a fun game, and very revealing, but I was thinking about it in a different context recently.

The game implies that what we have with us most often is a direct extension and reflection of us. If this is true, maybe we need to take a good look at our stuff.

So, what’s in my handbag? Anyone who knows me can guess my top things with ease:

  1. Hand lotion
  2. Lip gloss
  3. Some form of paper
  4. Pens
  5. Phone (which functions as a full computer for me when I’m on the road)
  6. Emery board
  7. Hair band
  8. Flash drives
  9. Purse
  10. Keys
  11. Lady stuff
  12. Charger
  13. Headphones

A book would have made it on the list a few years ago, but most of my books live in Kindle nowadays, so the phone takes care of that.

What does my list say about me, apart from the fact that dryness is not my friend (#1 & 2)? (Tell me in the comments).

More importantly, what does your list say about you?

Does it reveal that your appearance is most important to you, or your work, home, relationships, or kids?

Is your list populated by the things you thought you considered needs, or have other things snuck their way onto and up your list? What happened there? Did you change, or did you allow others opinions to modify your list?

Are you proud of, or ashamed of your list?

Can you even make your list without peeking into your bag? Have you lost touch with yourself?

Is it a jungle in there? Is your life out-of-control?

Does it clearly point out that your health is declining? What will you do about that?

If what we have indeed tells a part of our everyday story, does your list show you how your ‘everyday’ needs to be different?

Make your list… if you can. There’s much to learn from this simple exercise.

Please share your thoughts with me and others in the comments.

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