“You’re so full of potential. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.”

Many of us have had some version of this sentiment directed at us as we grew up. It probably made us feel really good, special, and confident. Someone could see our developing talents and skills. Someone believed in us. We could be something in this world.

With pride we held the comment close to our hearts. But what happened next?

Probably nothing. You see, potential is inanimate. It cannot make itself do anything. It doesn’t lay low and multiply and then burst forth when it is ready. It requires an active host to do something with it.

That’s us, by the way. We are the hosts. We have this amazing innate thing within us just waiting to be used and developed and shared. This thing that could make all the difference to ourselves and others. This thing that would help us contribute to the world.

But these are just words. Words are powerful, sure, but only when they produce action. The words tell you that it’s possible; action makes it a reality. The words tell you what you can become; action allows you to become.

What have you been told you have the potential to do or be? Try and remember every time you’ve heard such a statement and make a list. How many of those things have you applied action to? Honestly.

No matter who you are now or what you are doing, you can be more and do more. There is so much lying dormant within us. Wouldn’t you like to know what a fully-functioning you looks like?

Try one of these things or whatever else you may think of.

  • Start reading up on the subject
  • Watch videos of others doing it
  • Join a beginner class
  • Reach out to someone already doing it
  • Learn the basics and begin to master them before moving on (leads to less frustration)
  • Jump in headfirst and start doing it (you can do this with some things)

Don’t let your potential be a placebo in your life — as long as you know you COULD do it, you know, if you wanted, you’re satisfied with that. Instead, act on the areas of potential in your life and be amazing.