There are enough obstacles in our way to what we want without adding ourselves to the list. Real obstacles do exist. Not every reason is an excuse in disguise. Despite all this there are always things we can do, alternatives we can try, to get just a little bit farther along our journey. But when we are our own obstacles – the way we think – everything seems impossible.

So you don’t think you’ll be able to do it. How can you prove to yourself that you can? By trying to do it. If it works – awesome! You start believing in your abilities. If it doesn’t work – awesome! You’re closer to knowing what will work, and what you need to learn to make it work. It’s a win-win.

You have a great idea or even an actual product or service to offer but you don’t think anyone will buy it. Have you tried? Really tried? No, you haven’t because (like we said) you don’t think anyone will buy it. Try anyway. If someone does, not only will you know this thing has potential but you can ask for feedback and make it better, more relevant. If no one does (assuming you asked more than just a handful of people) you can learn from that as well. Did I try to sell it to people who actually need it or just to anyone? Is there something more I can do to make it more marketable?

You’ve always wanted to further your education but your earlier school days have left you feeling that it’s too hard and “just not my thing”. Learning is everybody’s thing. We all learn every day. You’re not 16 anymore. You actually WANT to do this (that makes a huge difference). Try a course. Then maybe a certificate. Then keep on moving until you have what you want.

Whatever your situation, if you’re thoughts are holding you back they are your primary obstacle. There is only one way to forge ahead, and people have been doing it forever so you have amazing company. You have to do the very thing that you believe you cannot do, that you are afraid of, that makes you uncomfortable. There is no losing. Even if that thing isn’t for you, not only do you now know that, but you also know that you can do the hard thing and that will make it a little easier to do the next hard thing and the next hard thing.

You are not an obstacle. You are an inspiration in the making.

Own that.

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