Love yourself as you are, but love yourself so much that you don’t stay as you are.

Are you talented? Yes.
Are you skilled? Yes.
Are you valuable? Yes.
Are you lovable? Yes.
Are you perfect? No.

We all have flaws and weaknesses that make us less than we could be; that cause us to lash out at others, not reach full potential, fall into addictions, gravitate towards negative relationships, become selfish… you name it.

Sure, in order to love yourself you have to embrace all that you are, own it… but love requires more. Loving yourself and being loved by others requires you to always be taking the next step to a better you.

The fact that you are comfortable and someone loves you as you are is no excuse to not become better, in fact it should be motivation. What? That doesn’t make sense. Walk with me. Let’s have a talk.

If you’re too comfortable, you are doing nothing new. You’ve got your life routines and activities down pat and are approaching boredom – seriously. Life is about curiosity and learning and making it better and being better – none of which is boring. Challenging? Sure. But not boring.

Don’t settle for the current version of yourself. We all expect more from our cell phones and computers every year. Why do we think of ourselves as less? We are more amazing than any of these products – otherwise they’d be making us instead of the reverse. This current version of yourself may well be an improvement on your 2017 self, but it is not the final model. There is so much more to do, see, learn, practice, become, teach your kids, create. Love yourself so much that you keep honing yourself.

The fact that you have met others who have put their own innate selfishness aside to love you, should motivate you to put yours aside and love them. We want to be loved so badly, to receive unconditional constant love. But so few of us really think about giving love.

You have love so you’re happy; you have people who you can depend on so you’re happy; you have ears to listen to you so you’re happy. What about them? Do they receive love from you? Can they depend on you? Do you listen to them? You hesitated. I saw you. It’s time to step it up.

You don’t have to stay selfish (sorry, that’s the correct word here). Take the time to see those in your life and to make decisions about how you want to love them. Some may require your presence (like your children and partner); others may simply need you to stay in touch regularly (like your parents and other family members). Some may want to know that your ear is there when they need it, along with a couple of hours (your friends); others may be too heavy and need a trusted soul to point them towards the help they really need. That’s love too.

We are not meant to stagnate in life. We are meant to change and grow. We are dynamic individuals meant to live effective lives. If you’re not right now, that’s okay.
It’s your prerogative to improve, starting now. Seriously… right now. Put this down and go do whatever it is you need to be doing. We’ll talk next week.

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