Would you look the same if you were inside out?

Would anyone be able to recognize you if all your thoughts and feelings were on display?

How much of yourself do you hide, and most importantly, why?

Is it because you’d rather process your feelings and thoughts before sharing them, or is it because you’d rather pretend some of them don’t exist?

Is it because wisdom has taught you to step back and try to see the whole picture before coming to a conclusion, or because your thoughts and emotions embarrass you?

Is it because you choose to share with a select few, or because you don’t think people would understand and/or accept you?

Does it matter why?

Of course it does.

Making a conscious decision about how you will process and express your inner conversation can be a good thing. It doesn’t require you to hide, be in denial, or reject your initial reaction. It doesn’t require you to constantly be wondering what people around you will think, then trying to match your behavior to their expectations (pointless, by the way; there are as many expectations as there are people). Instead it means that you’d rather not always react, but rather respond. It gives you a sense of control, in that, I’m not just saying/doing this because you said/did that. I have thought about it and this is my true response.

The next time you have a conversation or overhear something that causes you to have a strong knee-jerk reaction, pause, step back, and look at the whole situation. Ask yourself a few questions. Is your reaction warranted? Is it based in fact, or is it perhaps as a result of some past unhealed experience, or unfounded hearsay? What is the best way to express what you’re feeling, and to whom?

If you can learn to listen to your inner conversation, process it, and then express yourself in accordance with the situation, and if you can figure out who cares enough to listen and tell you the truth (as they see it), then maybe, just maybe, your inside and your outside won’t look so different.

Wouldn’t it be cool to just be you?

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