Last week, I left some quotes with you to begin the thought process necessary for any real change to take place. My personal favorite was the fifth and final one. Why? Because it made a very real connection between the fear of letting go & moving on and the fear of starting over – a connection I believe is often overlooked. Now it’s time to do more than just read quotes and marvel at their wisdom; it’s time to do.

Start looking for the lessons you can learn from that part of your story.    

So something happened. It’s in the past, and unfortunately, now you are living there too. It’s time to start looking forward. What are the lessons you have learned from the experience? What do you now know that you are capable of? What aspect of your past have you discovered has a strong hold on you and how you operate? Where are you most gullible? How well do you know yourself? What is most important to you in life? What won’t you compromise on? What important things are you still undecided about? How willing are you to let others make your decisions for you? Do you have a sense of personal power? Will you allow money to cloud your judgment? Will you stay in a bad relationship just to avoid being alone? Are you actually willing to work hard for what you want? Are you able to share with yourself how you feel? Have you actually lost anything, or have you gained by not being in that situation? Who are you now? Are you comfortable with who you are? Are you proud of the person you are? There are a lot of questions, I know, and yet these are just some of the things you can learn about yourself from each major life experience. Question yourself. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable (you will feel discomfort if you’re answering honestly); we all like to see only the best in ourselves and it’s hard to admit when we are wrong and to see our faults, weaknesses, and issues.

Be grateful when you find them.  

This may sound ridiculous to you. I just said that these things will make you uncomfortable, and now I’m saying be grateful for that. I’m serious though. Shouldn’t you be grateful that you know yourself better? Shouldn’t you be grateful for being aware of the areas in your life where you make the most and biggest mistakes? Shouldn’t you be grateful that you now know what you need to work on? Shouldn’t you be grateful that you have something else to concentrate on now – your personal development and achieving your dreams? I’d say there’s a lot to be grateful for, but most of all be grateful that you now know that your situations – past or present – are not bigger than you, and that they don’t have to break you, trap you, hold you back, steal your sense of control; instead, they can contribute to your self-knowledge and growth. You just have to be willing to allow them.

Are you willing?

Think about it and I’ll see you next week!

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