The new year has rolled in and resolutions and anti-resolutions have been set, intentions have been voiced, and goals have been penned.

Now what?


The hard work of thinking about the past year and our lives in general has been done (at least in part) and we’ve admitted (at least to ourselves) that there are areas that need a major overhaul and may include some uncomfortable conversations and unpopular actions.

Now what?


We’ve looked around the house and identified the things we no longer use, that now simply waste space, that have been the excuse for not setting up that little office or hobby corner or school nook, and we’ve vowed to get rid of them.

Now what?


We’ve shaken our heads at our never-worn or never-will-wear-again clothes, shoes and accessories, and felt guilty about having these things that we’ll never use just sitting around when there are people in need who would be overjoyed to have them.

Now what?


We’ve honestly and unbiasedly evaluated our relationships and seen the changes we need to make – the reconnections, new connections, disconnections, amendments, strengthening, etc.

Now what?


We’ve firmly decided that this year we’re going to do that thing we’ve always wanted to do – as we have many times before.

Now what?


Reflection is awesome; it only takes us so far. Planning is great; it only takes us so far.

Now what? Go and do.

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