“Accept it. That’s all you need to do.”

“That’s all I need to do? Really?”

Have you ever heard or been a part of some version of this conversation?

It’s so easy to tell people what they should do or ought to be doing, but when they agree with you and follow it up with a “But how?”, what do you say?

I’d like to share my current thoughts on the matter over the next few weeks.

To truly accept something as it is when you really don’t want it to be that way, you have to

  1. Know what you are accepting. Open your eyes and look at the situation clearly – maybe for the first time. Take in the details.
  2. Acknowledge it as true. Denial has to exit here.
  3. Allow it. You don’t have to fight it or even be a part of it. Just let it be.
  4. Look for your mistakes. How did you contribute to the situation, or what did you leave unsaid and undone?
  5. Realize that it’s only a part of your story. No matter what it is, it is not your entire life.
  6. Have no expectations. If you still have expectations you have not accepted it.

Some of the above points may seem repetitive at first glance, but they really are not. To prepare for our journey through the points, let me leave you with a few questions to mull over.

What situation in your life has been making you feel uncomfortable?
What is it about the situation that has you on edge? Dig deep.

Do you find yourself having to pretend repeatedly in a situation? Why?

Is there something you just can’t seem to let go? What is it?
Did all your answers blame someone else?

Have you taken the time to know and accept yourself?

Each day is an opportunity to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling, more successful life. Pretending all is well only helps you to hold on to all that is not well, and drives you farther and farther away from what you really desire. Instead, let’s make each day count.

See you next week.

Download a sample of the “A Month of Change Planner” here.