I think we can all agree that at the end of each year we believe we could have done more. Maybe you think you should have spent more energy on your dream career, made more money, enjoyed the company of your loved ones more, been more stylish and outgoing, traveled more, carved out more time for a relationship, been more genuine. The list is endless.

What is it that you always wish you did more of at the end of a year? Why wait to feel regret when you can do that thing now?

How would you make the best use of a year of your life? Or, let’s flip it. What would you consider a wasted year?

A year in which I did not experience positive growth as an individual would feel wasted to me. A year spent without developing and using my talents and skills; a year without having or creating a solid support network; a year in which I didn’t feel I achieved anything significant; a year filled only with the routine and the mundane; a year without love; those would feel like wasted years.

What does your ‘wasted year’ list look like? Allow it to direct you to a more fulfilling life. There’s a whole month left in this year. Start now. There is nothing special about the beginning of a calendar year. The only special time is now, because it’s time you can actually use. Begin now and enter the new year already forming your new habit. You’ll be glad you did.


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