It’s thanks time again and people often ask, “What are you thankful for?”

I’d like to ask a few questions of my own.

  • Do you have to plan your response to the yearly question because you really haven’t given much thought to being thankful throughout the year?
  • Can you feel your gratitude, or is it automatic and surface? Do you just move on from it or does it actually impact your life?
  • What have you been thankful for this year, really and truly?
  • Did you thank all the people who contributed positively to your life this year?
  • What did you miss the opportunity to be thankful for?
  • Why did you miss it? Did you hesitate? Were you too busy? Did you just take it for granted?

Take a minute to really think about these questions now, then if and when you are asked, give an authentic answer.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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