Loneliness is an awesome opportunity to evaluate your priorities and relationships, undisturbed, in an externally unbiased environment. It gives you the time to get to the root of why you are lonely.

Are you lonely because you have been abandoned by others, or because you have abandoned others?

Are you lonely because you became so self-absorbed that you no longer saw others?

Are you lonely despite the fact that you have others in your life? Is it a state of mind?

Do you feel lonely because you don’t feel understood and accepted by others?

Are you lonely because you are unable to trust anyone?

Are you lonely because you have set your sights on a certain someone and have convinced yourself that, even with other good relationships, without that one person you will never be fulfilled?

Are you lonely because you haven’t accepted your worth, and therefore don’t see how others could find you worthy of association?

Are you alone because you don’t know who you are yet, and keep trying to fit yourself into other people’s molds?

You have the time. Now take the initiative. Use this time to figure out the root of your loneliness. It is likely that you already know the issue, just as it also likely that you’d rather not deal with it. Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that this way of living is the best way… yet, you’re still lonely. So, what now? I’ll say it again, use the time at your disposal to free yourself. Loneliness won’t be the only state you’ll improve if you do this.

Stop being afraid of spending time with yourself.

Stop running from yourself at every opportunity.

Be willing to push past the fear of really knowing yourself in order to move forward.

Speak to someone you can allow yourself to trust. Being able to speak out loud and own your experiences is a powerful thing. No matter what your past looks like it can refine you, make you better, if you so choose.

So step back for a while in order to move forward as an ever-improving version of yourself.