Sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

It’s that thing that you put behind you and pretend doesn’t exist, only to have it blow up in your face. Or maybe it’s the place that you live in on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s those events that you have accepted and admit to, but unfortunately you’re also trapped by – mentally, that is. You haven’t forgiven yourself, and so you haven’t moved on.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

I think there are three main ways we can deal with our pasts.

  1. We can simply accept them, and in so doing break the hold people (whether past, present, or future) and past events have over us, and the negativity, fear and shame that could prevent us from living real lives, purposeful lives, fulfilled lives.
  2. We can go one step further and learn from them, using these lessons to improve and become more creative and innovative, to propel us forward.
  3. We can live in them and never truly experience ourselves or others; waste opportunities due to the inability to see anything good or out of fear; never allow ourselves to be loved because we deem ourselves unworthy as a result of our past actions, or due to past hurts that have left us afraid to put ourselves out there. This includes pretending the past doesn’t exist. Pretence in this case, is tantamount to denial. In truth, this is not dealing with the past, but rather having it control you.

Which scenario are you living?

Which will you choose starting now (because it’s never too late)?

Whether your past is the stuff of fantasy novels or you can relate to the above, it was never meant to be lived in. Your present is here; your future awaits. Turn around and start really living today.

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