It’s September guys. Yes, just like that 2017 is almost over. While I hope it has been a great year so far, I must ask you to pause (as usual) and think about something: How many of your 2017 goals have you achieved or are you in the process of achieving?

Maybe it has been a good year – no deaths, memorable interactions, a new job, promotion at work, decent health, but has it been a personally productive year? By whose standards has it been good? At some point in the first quarter of this year you thought of some things you needed to do or begin to do in order to create, or continue to build a fulfilling life. They were deeply personal most likely, not the typical society-driven expectations. Those are the goals I’m talking about.

What has gotten in the way? Life? That’s what we say, right? It’s an easy answer, but it’s no answer at all. Without your life nothing would be possible, life cannot ‘get in the way’. Events occur, people act up, tragedy strikes, obstacles arise – all this is true. Instead of getting in the way, however, these things have the ability to refocus and reshape you, to teach you more about yourself, to inspire you to necessary change. They help you to refine your goals to match the expanded person you have uncovered. Your goals are yours. Yes, I know that should be obvious, but it needed to be said. Your goals are for you and by you, no one can step in and achieve your goals for you. Someone may hand you something on a silver platter, but you would not have gained from the experience, you would not have achieved. Don’t allow your goals to fall by the wayside, they are important to your quality of life. Don’t be afraid to refine your goals as you grow to know yourself more. Life is dynamic, you should be too.