What did you do for your last birthday? How about your last wedding anniversary?

These days are not just about celebrating momentous life events – you know, like births and weddings, they are wonderful opportunities to really enjoy life, to do something you’ve been longing  to do for a long time, take a long-awaited trip, or just take time away to relax and unwind. But why do we need a birth or wedding or their annual commemoration in order to celebrate? Anniversaries exist for many things – graduations, beginning of a great job, buying a first car, purchasing THE house, your baptism, the day you found a church home and family, the day you started your locs or went natural, the birthdays of your loved ones (why wouldn’t you celebrate that?), the opening of your business…  the list of potential anniversaries is endless.

Of course, there are other reasons to celebrate – the beginning of spring, the coziness of a rainy day (when you’re inside), finally nailing that recipe (eating it is celebration enough!). There are also many ways to celebrate. The more popular ways are parties, night outs, and dinners; but there are other ways – mani/pedis, massages, movies,  games nights, a good run, a refreshing steam, a new hairstyle or outfit, splurging on your hobby. The reasons to celebrate, and the ways to celebrate are limited only by you.

Why celebrate? Taking the time to feel good and to get in touch with our desires rejuvenates us and allows us to continue giving of ourselves to those around us – our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, employers. We give TO ourselves in order to give OF ourselves. Celebrating is not a waste of time. It is a necessity. It reminds us of our many blessings, it allows us to show gratitude, it releases us of our tensions and changes our perspective, it improves our mental health and strengthens our relationships.

Life is full of responsibility, routine, and rushing around… let’s balance it out with a healthy dose of celebration.