This week I was browsing through devotional plans and came across one that I found very interesting. It was from a publisher called Ignite SF and was titled Breakthrough. I’d like to share with you a few gems from the beginning of that plan.

So, are you feeling stuck? In any area of your life? Do you like feeling stuck? I doubt it. This is the scenario that comes to mind: You decide that this is the day. I will not continue to be or feel stuck. You talk to your friends about the situation and they encourage you. You start to feel really motivated and say, “Great. How do I do it?” They say, “Just do it!” You’re pumped and ready to go, Nike logo as your motto – Just do it! Just do it! Just do it! Then you sit down to “just do it” and realize you’re stuck. You’re stuck trying to get unstuck. What in the world is happening?  This is where Breakthrough’s gems can help.

The author(s) suggests that it may actually be more important to understand why you’re stuck than to try to dig a hole through the wall with a sharpened spoon (okay fine, those are my words). Seven (7) symptoms of being stuck are named and are referred to as ‘flavors’. I really like that because it means they can either stand on their own or come in a combo and let’s face it, most  of us are combo people. The flavors are sliding, stalled, stalemated, strong armed, surrendered, surrounded, and suffocated. Here’s a brief description of each.

Sliding – making one positive forward but backsliding  another two

Stalled – feeling as if you are waiting on something, but you don’t know what

Stalemated – feeling you’ve run out of options, or each option is immediately blocked or has a bad outcome

Strong armed – feeling forced or intentionally limited by someone else

Surrendered – you’ve given up on the situation, seeing it as unchangeable

Surrounded – feeling you have a lack of options, with hostiles all around, without help in sight

Suffocated – feeling as if you don’t have the air to breathe, literally, the lack of inspiration

So there is it. Now as you sit down to “just do it”, you have a starting point. Figure out your flavor or combination of flavors. Don’t just name the flavor, describe the situation. When you’ve spent quality time being honest with yourself about that, then think about how you got there. I think you’ll find that you’re no longer stuck getting unstuck. Each step you take provides more clues for what you need to be doing. Each step might also reveal things you’d rather not deal with – deal with them anyway. Remember, the struggle is real.

Go start getting unstuck. Just do it! Life is meant to be lived.