I Don’t Care

I don’t care. 
How often do you say these words? More importantly, how often do you think them?

It’s not true you know. We all care about something or someone. So what’s sparking that feeling of ‘I-don’t-caredness’?
Is it that you haven’t figured out how to incorporate the thing you care about most into your life, and so nothing else seems important? Is it that you’ve tried and tried to find your passion and are still coming up blank, while others around you have figured theirs out? Is it that you are just thoroughly exhausted and need to step back and take care of yourself (no, that’s not selfish). Is it that in ‘doing life’ you forgot to enjoy life, and now you’re feeling the effects? Is it that you were so busy being what everyone needed you to be that you forgot to be you? Is it that you failed to surround yourself with people who openly care about, support and encourage you, leaving you feeling as if you’re doing it alone? Is it that your idea of love has been so tainted that you accept any counterfeit as real? Is it that your body is ill or so out of shape that it’s taking a toll on your mind? 
Have you even taken the time to think back and figure out where it began, so you can identify the source(s)?
If you feel as if you just don’t care anymore, take heart. It doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. Do the hard work, or get help doing it. It’s worth it. Knowing the ‘whys’ can get you on the road to caring again. We were created to care and to love, and to be loved. It’s time to get back to basics and remember why we’re here. The timer has been set. 

One thought on “I Don’t Care

  1. Thank you Kaye for that reflective piece. ‘I don’t care’ is usually associated with disgust, anger or such the like. Sometimes however it is just a careless remark. The introspection recommended is well grounded. Mom.


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