Investment: The action or process of expending or putting money into something with the expectation of profit or material result

What are you putting your money into? Is it being spent on things that are used up quickly and bring little to your life? Do you even know where it goes? In other words, are you investing or just spending? Are you spending or saving TOWARDS something, or just routinely spending and saving?

Now I am no financial guru, couldn’t be further from one really. So I’m not talking to you about your money. I do know though that if I had a financial advisor and I seemed to be draining money, I’d have to look into replacing him/her, and probably even take my money elsewhere. So what about your life? Are you investing in yourself and your future? Are you expending time, energy, and money with the expectation of a positive result now or in the future? Simply put, is there a point to the things you are doing, or are they just the routine or what’s expected of you? Are you being drained by the people in your life?  Do you need to take your time, talents, and energy elsewhere?

Pause and think about it. How many things do you do each day, or how much time do you spend each day on things that can potentially move you towards your personal goals or your family’s goals, that can benefit others in a personal way, that make you feel good on the inside? How much time did you spend enjoying your life in your context last week? Are you saving that up too, planning to enjoy yourself in bulk in two, maybe three years? 

You say, “Okay, fine. My answers don’t look too good. What can I do about that now?”

1. Take stock. Ask yourself, “What are the things that are most important to me?” They could be financial stability, relationships, spiritual growth, further education, physical health, mental health… you name it!

2. Think of (and write down, of course) small ways in which you can begin to invest in those areas very soon. These are unique to you and should, therefore, reflect who you are.

3. Start small. It’s not a project you rush to finish; it’s a lifestyle change and requires time and patience – you don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Schedule in blocks of time on your calendar to do the things you listed. 

4. Don’t multitask when doing them, just focus on the task at hand. Use all your senses (or as many as are appropriate 🙂 ) and enjoy the activity and the fact that you are (finally!) investing in yourself, your loved ones, and the future.

James 1-5