No, we’re not talking about the office today. We’re not even talking about the home. We’re talking about the war within us as individuals. Huh? What? Yup. We all have battles taking place within us at different times in our lives. Today, I’m talking about the type of battle that is based on the things others have said to you about you.

As much as we deny it, and as much as we’d rather not, we all internalize some of the negativity inflicted on us by others. No, the words are not always meant to hurt us. Sometimes people have made their beds in negativity and so it’s all they dish out – even unintentionally. Other times, hurtful words are meant to make the speaker feel better (good luck with that). Regardless, someone you care about tells you that you are not very intelligent, for instance. You have no evidence to support the statement, and you shrug internally and whisper to yourself, “whatever”, and you think you’ve moved on. One day, however, because something’s not going right and you just can’t figure it out, up pops a thought – maybe I really am not that smart, maybe I can’t do this. How about that situation in which some claim is made about your character and you internalize shame, maybe without even knowing it.

Whatever your unique situation – and it does exist if you’re honest with yourself – bear in mind that the speaker is not God. They are human and therefore prone to error, anger, spite, jealousy, misinformation, and a myriad of other negative emotions and circumstances. They did not make you, and they don’t know you anywhere near as well as they think they do. Bear in mind also that the words we speak reflect our internal emotional environment, and often mirror feelings we have towards ourselves. It’s the same for others as well.

My point? We only get one life each. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you ruin yours. Their opinion is their business. Be about your own business – the business of being your best self.