I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not join that popular group of people who wait for their “Celebration of the Life of…” service for their lives and achievements to be celebrated. For me, that’s way too late, what about you?

Is it really possible that you can find nothing in your life to celebrate? If that’s true, then I can assure you that you are being way too hard on yourself. For the most part, every single day we do at least one thing that is worthy of celebrating. The problem is that we don’t notice these things, these moments. Half of appreciation is noticing. Let’s take a moment right now to notice.

  • Have you done everything on today’s to-do list? Celebrate!                                    
  • Did you refrain from eating that food you promised yourself to give up? Celebrate!
  • Did you finally finish reading that book? Celebrate!
  • Did you have your veggies today? Celebrate!
  • Maybe you finally brainstormed ideas for your pet project. Celebrate!
  • Or perhaps you now have a plan to pay off that outstanding credit card debt. Celebrate!
  • Have you reached your emergency fund goal? Celebrate!
  • Did you make it to work on time today? Celebrate!
  • Did you exercise a few times this week? Celebrate!
  • Could it be that you haven’t bitten your nails all day? Celebrate!
  • Did you control your anger today when normally you wouldn’t have? Celebrate!

Anything that is an accomplishment for you is worth celebrating! (Please note the many exclamation marks. This is super-exciting stuff!)


Sometimes you’ll be celebrating the completion of something; other times you’ll be celebrating an improvement. Celebrating is a form of motivation. Motivation to keep achieving, maybe even motivation to find another reason to celebrate again. Celebrations don’t have to break the bank. In fact, they don’t have to cost a thing. You can celebrate by taking a weekend afternoon to relax, by eating a cup of your favorite ice cream, getting a quick neck and shoulder massage – again, it depends on what brings you pleasure.

You have to learn to celebrate you. Some of your accomplishments others will never know unless you share them. Even then, you can’t wait for others to pat your back to feel proud of yourself. Don’t wait until people have to refer to you as “was”, you go ahead and celebrate you now. Now don’t leave your real friends out, they’ll want to celebrate with you… and maybe they’ll take a leaf out of your book.


So let’s recap: how do you celebrate you?

  1. Look at the things that are important to you – create a list if you prefer the concrete
  2. Have a separate list of things – large and small (to match the accomplishment) – that you’d like to do or get to celebrate
  3. Have you achieved ANYTHING in any of those areas?
  4. Yes? Great! Time to celebrate
  5. Choose something from your celebration list that you think matches your achievement and have at it.
  6. Repeat.