I experienced my first real snow last Saturday. I was excited, exhilarated even. The air smelt fresh and was refreshingly cool COLD. Everywhere the snow lay looked pure and inviting.


Do you remember the very first time you experienced snow? Was it a good experience for you? Maybe you’ve seen it every year since the day you were born and it’s too hard to remember or feel that joy.

That’s fine. With snow it’s not that big a deal.

Let’s focus on something else… that thing or person that’s a big part of who you are that you’ve lost that ‘lovin’ feeling’ for. Think back to the first time you experienced that thing, that person. Pause, close your eyes, and try to conjure up the feeling you had. Allow yourself to feel that excitement or passion or affection and remember why you felt that way.

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Have things changed, or are you just exhausted and bogged down with everyday life or dealing with your past? Really think about that. Think about it and decide if that thing or person is still worth it.

If it is, if they are, try and get that joy, passion, affection, excitement back.

If not, find something new that brings you joy.

We all need joy.