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Have you found it yet?  Them? Did you take the time to notice yourself, feel your feelings, and find your passion(s)?
If you haven’t, you can’t afford  to continue beyond today without beginning to do so. If you have, what is your plan? How do you intend to incorporate  your passion into your daily life?
As I was walking the other day I noticed a tree – beautifully green except for a small patch of deep red leaves, almost as if it just got the memo that yes, it’s fall. No, I haven’t gone off on a tangent. Here’s my point – change takes time, and real change takes real time. That tree was changing bit by bit, and it wasn’t enough to show a tinge of red in that patch and then move on to the next patch. It committed. That patch of leaves grew deeper in color over time while the rest of the tree appeared unaffected… but it wasn’t. That initial real change helped to set the stage for the other changes that were coming. So don’t be overwhelmed. Start small, invest the time, make the effort, commit. Don’t continue to be ornamental in your own life. You are not just decorative, you have a purpose, your life has meaning… go find it!

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