Passion. What is it? Why do we need it?
When most people think of passion, their minds first turn to sexual passion. That’s great… but it’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about that thing without which your life looks less shiny, feels less happy, smells less rosy, sounds less beautiful, tastes more chalky. That thing which when included in your life causes it to sparkle and shine and pop… even if only in your view, as far as you can tell. Your personal passion eventually extends beyond your person, and benefits others as well.
So what’s yours? What’s the thing you pick up and can hardly bear to put down? The thing you start and are hard-pressed to stop? What are you doing when you have those “where did the time go?” moments? What fills you with satisfaction when you lay it down, even if you’re not finished?
If you don’t know, then you haven’t found your passion yet, or something/someone is blocking you from experiencing it. We only get this one chance to live here on this earth. Don’t let someone else waste your life.
Remember a person isn’t your passion. You have loved ones you cherish, and would do just about anything for… but they aren’t your passion. They may share in your passion, but they don’t embody it. Don’t be mistaken. Your passion comes from God, to be used for His glory in the end. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. You are unique, and were built with a unique combination of talents, learning aptitudes, and interests. Find them. Use them. They will lead you to your passion. Yes, you have the time. It’s the difference between living and existing.